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Audio clip of Linnea as a guest on The David Lawrence (Radio) Show.

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I was really excited to find out that the average attractive woman that I meet on the street only has about 8-12 guys a year ask them out. Now I just go up to the woman I see wherever and start talking about anything and after a little connecting, I get their phone number. Thanks, Helping the Nice Guy!
Erik J. Consultant

It was an eye opening experience to learn what works from a woman’s side of meeting and dating. Definitely learned some information I can apply immediately.
Ray H. – Teacher

Great seminar! We need more of these “know how” sessions with real face-to-face contact in a classroom setting. The internet and computer interactions have made us men and women less involved personally.
Howard F. – Actor

In today’s environment meeting quality women isn’t a simple task. This seminar is dealing with real life issues and how to understand and be creative about them. Recommended.
Ron N. – Business Owner

An excellent contrast to the various schools of pick-up.
Johnnie W. – Actor/Comedian

I found the seminar to be very helpful. I liked how they broke down the myths and mysteries of dating from the first approach to setting up the second date. This seminar shed a lot of light on what women think and helped demystify the complex dating process.
Reggie L. – Entertainment

Thought all your information was useful and presented in a delightful way. I would recommend your seminar to a friend.
Frank N. – Retired Firefighter

Great seminar. You’ll come out understanding a lot more about things from a woman’s point of view plus get some helpful advice about what to look for and what to watch out for.
Marc H. – Web Developer

The seminar gave me some nice insights on how to approach girls.
Carlos T. – Student

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