How We Got The Idea

By Linnea Liu Dakin

So there I was, a single woman first in NYC and then in Los Angeles. And the only men who were asking me out were married men, men twice my age, and creepy guys. I remember I would complain to my friends how there were no nice guys left, they were all taken.

And then one day while walking through a parking lot, a guy spoke to me through his open car window, “Excuse me.”

“Yes?” I replied, expecting to be asked where the closest gas station was, or how to get to the freeway…

“Do you like comedy shows?”

What? That wasn’t what I expected. We chatted for a moment, and then he blurted “You’re very pretty.”

“Aha!” He was trying to ask me out. And he seemed like a nice enough guy…

But then he started to say and do things that made me uncomfortable, so I felt I had to say “no” instead of “yes.” But as I walked away I thought, “What a shame. Someone should teach these men how to ask women out.” Because if he hadn’t made me feel uncomfortable, I would have said “yes.”

And then it hit me - I could do that! I’ve trained people, I’ve been a public speaker, and most importantly, I know what gets men in trouble. Plus, I’m famous for my honesty and directness. It’s time I put my talents to use, helping the Nice Guy finish first!



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